xSoupiex Edit

MineCiv Background Edit

During Season 1, xSoupiex has been one of the most frequent players (with a higher playtime than even Tikkle). He has been a part of the community and a friend to most staff.

xSoupiex in Season 1 Edit

xSoupiex is the mascot of MineCiv, and a god among men. xSoupiex joined midway into Season 1 of Mineciv with his friend, Wolf202. They both joined Byzantine as the sixth members into Rory's rapidly building empire. xSoupie stayed as a builder among the war-mongering faction, and though usually at war, xSoupiex would be still at home building and making Byzantine a nicer place to stay in.

After Byzantine had fell, Soupie went with Wolf202 and RoryIsK as one of the last loyalists of Rory, and helped him create the Soviet Union. Soupie and Wolf202 stayed until Rory became unactive, and then Soupie left to create his own faction for his own personal abode: Venice. It took him around 3 weeks to build and was a huge mistake, as it was built entirely over ocean and looked hideous.

On the last few days before S1 Armegeddon, Soupie became part of America and a member of Aufheben Corporation, in which he was cloned several times to create a narwhal army.

xSoupiex and his Infamous Narwhal Skin Edit

xSoupiex's skin is known to be the mascot of the server, as the silly-looking narwhal tends to bring smiles to peoples' faces and brings fear to the unworthy peasants. His ridiculous self-made skin is referenced off of a character from the game Rivals of Aether, and the skin is his pride and joy.