Serp (Usernames: Serp_, NPC0) first served as general for Illyria before going on to create the Aztec Empire. After a failed attempt to attack the Byzantine Empire, he left his homeland, converted to Roryism, and fought for the Byzantine Empire. He then went on to reform the Aztec Empire in a new location, returning to his roots and practicing a mixture between Roryism and the Aztec religion. After North Korea raided the Aztec temple unprovoked, he became a Roryist fanatic, renamed his faction to Rory's Rock, and fought alongside the Byzantines to crush North Korea. After this attack, Serp vanished into obscurity... but rumors have spread that he lurks in shadowy caves, planning his return.

RP Edit

Serps' RP characters have been:

  1. Serpuetli, Emperor of the Aztecs. Defeated the Incas in war.
  2. Enpizen, Emperor of the Aztecs.

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