The Kingdom of Scotland was a lovely place full of mostly lovely people

The High King YavinFive, founder of the city and its first King, was the loveliest of all the Kings to rule it, this is an absolute fact

Yavin had been slain in battle, in which he then gave away leadership and disappeared for approximately 3 weeks.

The next King to come around was MistahAliatah, who had gave up to the Byzantine Empire, and had let the Kingdom become vassalized. Yavin had later come back and Mistah gave leadership back, which ended up in the war between Byzantine and Scotland.

Some say Mistah did bad, some say he did good. He did increase the population of Scotland and make it the largest faction on the server.

After the revolt, Yavin had yet again disappeared and was kick for inactivity. Mistah gave the leadership to DragonKing0988. He was the worst thing to have happen to Scotland.

Drag only had leadership for about a week. In that week, not much happend. The siege on Ireland, and other than that, nothing. Either the next day afterwards or the same night (I can't fully remember that) Drag was being spammed, and decided to disband Scotland. Seriously, over being spammed "Join Discord."