(A/N: Most of what I am typing here is my personal knowledge. If anyone can fill in the blanks or help detail segments that I know nothing of, that would be great. -Max)


RoryIsK, sometimes known as Rory, was the founder of Byzantine in Season 1 and easily the most controversial member of MineCiv to date. He ran the most powerful faction of Season 1, and became known throughout this season as the Mad Emperor.

Prior to his presence on MineCiv, Rory was a player on Roleplex, and was banned for telling a player to kill themselves. More information as to his Roleplex days is required.

Season 1 Edit

RoryIsK rose to prominence during a time at which the Aztecs were a powerful faction on the server, as the leader Serp saw to it that the Aztecs attacked and bullied any and everyone they could. Rory founded Byzantine during the Aztecs power and allied with the Aztecs and Sparta for a period of time. However the alliance would not last and Serp attacked Byzantines capital Constantinople where Rory and Byzantine would come out as victors.

However, power corrupts, and Rory himself became as much of a villain as Serp was, if not more. More to be written soon.