Rome has had a turbulent history with many different leaders and members.

Rome One Edit

Rome was one of the first nations on MineCiv, it was founded by Reer123.

Founding Edit

At the beginning Rome was situated on a small island in the south east corner of the map. This island was three blocks away from land. The first buildings built were a storage area and basic housing for the residents of the city.

Expansion Edit

The city soon expanded, more members joined by the hour and after only one day became the most populous faction on the server with twenty members. Walls were built and forests chopped down, sea walls erected and entertainment buildings designed.

Downfall Edit

Rome was plagued by a decision to either fight or stay isolated. This decision killed it. After numerous skirmishes by rival nations the city could no longer grow, it stopped growing and looked inwards, expanding projects inside the city. Buildings outside the city walls were free to be demolished or vandalised and the citizens weren't protected by the Roman claims. This lead to members becoming bored and soon many people started becoming inactive and leaving for newer nations.

Rome Two Edit

Founded by Boooiil

Rome Three Edit

Founded by Radthad555

Rome Four Edit

Founded by ChromeIV

The 4th generation of Rome, was a very slowly grown nation. First starting out and being hit down by the SovietUnion, they eventually moved to a local abandoned village with a nice wall around it. Rome had a peak of its players around this time. Later on, Rome became inactive and relocated to being their new for which is now their current solitude.