The restart of the Epicknight2149 servers after WorldCiv had died down.

Founding Edit

Roleplex was founded in 2015 by Epicknight2149 with the help of Reer123 and REMLIK1, it was inspired by the previous server WorldCiv which had been sold and consequently died down in activity. It was branded as a renewal of the "Epic Formula" of server.

Opening Edit

After opening Roleplex gained a lot of popularity but never reached the same as its predecessor.

Expansion Edit

It expanded at a swift rate, with a constant flow of new players and factions into the fray. Two main groups of players joined the server, Pvpers and Roleplayers, this was due to a mixed atmosphere which catered for both groups. Pvpers could war with each other and Roleplayers could build civilizations to mimic history.

Downfall Edit

The server eventually capitulated due to the pressures of the players from within. Two groups of players, the Roleplayers and the Pvpers fought a war, with the obvious result of the Pvpers winning, this lead to a dominate Pvp experience. The server community was split 50/50 on the issue. When the server became Pvp dominated the Roleplayers left, leaving no targets for the Pvpers. This altogether lead to the downfall of the server.

"Will we ever learn from our history or see times repeat themselves?" -Some Smart Person