After the fall of Hawaii, lightningron; SkyCraft120, and RandomGuy331 created temporary bases in order to be strong enough to be a factor in the war. After three temporary bases were created, America and Hawaii merged to create North Korea. North Korea's original base was a war base created on and under the mountains. The above ground of the North Korean Tower was a giant maze with many traps and challenges setup in order to lower the amount of people able to fight. These traps include fake storage rooms, black wool mazes requiring at least one human sacrafice, and high stakes parkour. The bottom of the North Korean Tower was used for dorms, storage, and farms. Weeks after North Korea had built become a strong nation, Radthad666/PITSteeler88 aka Rad joined North Korea. He decided that he was going to ride NK into war and become a "hero" He wished to be a general. He was very bad at it. He thought he could take on two people with Protection IV armor with only iron armor and his non-existant "skill'. He was too quick to make descisions (Kind of like Gordon Ramsay firing a chef) that he might soon regret. RoryIsK was able to take advantage of this and use LadyMouse as a spy (NK is coming for you in season 2 Lady. Rad thought he was the only one making a war effort in the faction and shit talked Sky like hell. Naturally, Sky wanted to kick him, but lightningron informed me not to. Sky told Rad off for wasting materials and constantly bitching about non-existant abuse and so Rad destroyed Sky's dorm. On some random date which cannot be disclosed, Colingogo aka N1ksor came and killed North Korea. Soon after the fall of North Korea (NK didn't lose any of the good shit) North Korea merged with Rome . All of the Rome shit can be found on their page if they ever update it. Somewhere down the line Radthad666 got pissed as fuck and got the boot in Rome . After Rad got the boot, North Korea became a thing again and Byzantine stopped being as hostile towards North Korea. North Korea was restarted by lightningron. North Korea aimed for a more modern look and so the Ryugyong tower was built. After the Ryugyong tower was created, Rory decided to become roomies with us. He started moving all the good shit into North Korea's chests. Later that day a man who went by the name boooiil (I spelled it correctly Boo. Happy?) went and raided North Korea. He mostly took Rory's items, and Rory was left helpless. More less important events happened and now there is a #BullyNK, an NK sucks sign, and the greatest altar in all of MineCiv. On lightningrons last day North Korea became Hawaii and attacked America.