Much of Hawaii's history is lost in the pages of history, but there is much left to share. Cave_Crawler created Hawaii with the intention to escape Rory's iron fist. At some point Taze was invited to Hawaii and killed Byzantine 's cows. Soon SkyCraft120 and lightningron joined North Korea as they had close connections with Cave_Crawler. NinjaJuggernog was one of Hawaii's only builders but became inactive after the Hawaii Raid. Hawaii was never known for their endless supply of resources. In fact Hawaii has only iron armor during the Hawaii Raid. The main war building was the inside of our volcano which contained a weed farm(made by Tikkle), and an empty room. This room was Hawaii's final standoff room. Soon after SkyCraft120 and lightningron joined, Byzantine and their allies raided Hawaii. The one enterance into the volcano was jumping through the lava but was sealed off to trap the Byzantine. A new enterance was created in the dank weed farm connecting to the mines. Sky made trips up to the surface in order to obtain useful items including the enchanting table, diamonds, etc. Sky only lost his life once to CMDR_Rommel. After Sky's death Hawaii had to unclaim everything and reclaim their base in order to stay unclaimable. Because of this the main building was destroyed. NinjaJuggernog's amazing home was gladly spared by Byzantine and their allies. After RoryIsK fell into the volcano, Cave got the amazing idea of setting up doors and noteblocks connected to a redstone clock in order to annoy the piss out of him. After Hawaii gathered their supplies, they left through a tunnel dug out. The four stooges set out to create three temporary bases in order to gain supplies and be an important factor to the coming war. Then we merged with America to make North Korea. During the last day of lightningron for season 1 North Korea was changed into Hawaii. On lightningrons last day SkyCraft120 and lightningron attacked the new America. AufhebenKomplex died three or four times, TheOtakuBookWorm died one time, and Boooiil did not die.


Hawaii's base