EpicKnight2149 more commonly known by players as 'Epic' is the owner and founder of MineCiv. After the collapse of Roleplex due to the ending of a partnership with Remlik1 MineCiv was founded by Epic and his brother Reer123 so that the members of the community would have a new place to call home and continue to game at. Previous to all of this Epic had discovered the roleplay genre back in 2012 when he saw and advertisement on Minecraft Forums for a Ancient Civilizations type server here he went about (again with Reer123) creating the largest civilizations the server had ever seen encompasing over 60 active members and they successfully defeated the nation of Troy in a war before the demise of the server led Epic to continue it with the then co-owner Remlik1.

Servers Edit

  • Ancient Civilizations (2012-2013)
  • EmpireMine (2013-2013)
  • RenaissanceCraft (2013 - Still in existance)
  • WorldCiv (2014 - Still in existance)
  • Roleplex (2015-2016)
  • MineCiv (2016 - Still in existance)