Bootaku was the hentai fueled ship between Admin Boooiil and Champion TheOtakuBookWorm that came into play when Boo and Otaku became friends. Bootaku was canon. Boooiil, lightningron, xSoupiex, and SkyCraft120 planned the wedding at 4 AM on June 6th. On June 9th Boooiil proposed to TheOtakuBookWorm. It was very bad. While Boooiil and Otaku were fixing their waterfall, Otaku said if Boo could place water on top of a block he would get a prize. Boo was able to do it and in turn asked for her hand in marriage.

This ship sadly ended when Boooiil left the server entirely, and broke up with TheOtakuBookWorm as a result on August 4th, the day before her birthday. This sincerely pissed MaxirionV and Drakeius off. Just sayin'.