"We've got the future under control." - Corporate motto.

The Aufheben Corporation was a multinational conglomerate headquartered in New Kiev City in America, specifically in Auf Tower. The company fully owned a variety of subdivisions spanning nearly the entire economy, including Aufheben Dynamics, Aufheben Memetics, and Monodon Security. Despite this, the company was not traded publicly, instead being owned entirely by its original founder, AufhebenKomplex.

Aufheben sprung up in early June after AufhebenKomplex joined America, building Auf Tower on the outskirts of the abandoned city of Old Kiev. An entire vibrant community soon sprung up around the skyscraper, as apartments were rented out, stores opened up, and offices set up.

Aufheben wields a very disproportionate amount of power in America compared to other factions, housing a large portion of the population and employing even more. The company even goes so far as to reject the authority of American police and military forces on corporate property, instead opting to use its private military contractor, the Monodon Security Group, to enforce order and protect assets.